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2 1/2 Hour Tours

Join owner and guide Mike on an incredible 2 1/2 hour guided eco tour of Big Hickory Island


4 Hour Tours

Take your time on an unforgettable Hobie Kayak Tour on Big Hickory Island, where adventure awaits!

Experience Our State of the Art Kayaks in Naples

Welcome to Mike's Coastal Expeditions

Your premier destination for unforgettable kayak tours amidst the picturesque landscapes of Naples and Bonita Springs. As cherished coastal kayakers and a family-owned kayak tour agency specializing in kayaking Naples, we take pride in delivering a 5-star experience rooted in strong family values and a profound passion for adventure.

What sets our kayak tours apart from the rest?

We feature Hobie Kayaks for their excellent performance and design. Enjoy hands-free propulsion with the MirageDrive pedal system, and explore serene waterways, mangrove forests, and encounter dolphins and manatees on our eco tours. Choose Hobie Kayaks for a personalized guided kayaking experience suitable for all abilities.

Experience the thrill of adventure at Mike's Coastal Expeditions

Choose Mike’s Coastal Expeditions for a personalized, family-oriented kayak adventure through breathtaking scenery. Discover the joy of kayaking, witness the magic of wildlife up close, and explore great places to kayak in Florida. Book your coastal tour today for an unparalleled experience with Hobie Kayaks in Naples and Bonita Springs, Florida, offering unforgettable kayak tours including kayaking Bonita Springs in Naples and beyond.

The Best Kayaking Near Me

Big Hickory” in Bonita Springs, just north of Naples, stands out as one of the prime destinations for coastal kayak adventures in southwest Florida. The clear waters and exceptional paddling routes make it an ideal spot for exploration. With our premier Hobie kayak rentals and coastal kayaks, you can fully immerse yourself in the natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere of this stunning location. Keep your eyes peeled for manatees, dolphins, coastal birds, and other marine wonders as you navigate through these meandering waterways.

Guided Eco Kayak Tours

Our Kayak Tours with Tandem Family Friendly Hobie Kayaks are suitable for all ages and abilities

Go Farther, See More! Family Oriented!

Better to Peddle vs. Paddle

Free Complimentary HiRes Photos

Easier To Search For Dolphins and Manatees

Great For All Ages and Abilities

Free Ice Cold Water, Cooler and Dry Bag Included

Comfortable Life Jackets Made For Kayaking

Private Custom Tours Available

Private Evening Fishing Tours With LED Lights

people on kayaking tours
dolphin sighting on bow of Hobie kayak on MCE.TOURS Kayak Tour
Sunset Kayak Tour with LED lights, illuminate a mangrove tunnel
Private Kayak Tours in Naples
Private Eco Kayak Tour on MCE.TOURS Hobie Kayak singles

What separates us from a normal kayak tour?
Watch to find out!

people on kayaking tours at sunset
Manatee sighted on private kayak tour, Hobie Kayak
Mother and son on private kayak tour, mangrove tunnel. Hobie Kayak
manatee swimming between kayak tour rental
group kayaking tour in Bonita springs Florida


Hey I’m Mike, the owner and guide. I was raised in Florida with a passion for the outdoors! It’s my passion and mission to bring you an experience of a lifetime!

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